Thursday, April 1, 2010

What is in a name?

A while back we got an update with new measurements and pictures of XJ. Ann, at Red Thread China, the services that sends packages and translations to orphanages, told us about what his name means.

His full name is Lu Xiao Jun:
The "Lu" is part of the name of the city he is in, Lu'an (Anhui Province)
"Xiao"- pronounced "she-ow", means "little" or "young". It is a common nickname.
"Jun"- means "soilder/army" but as a name means "strong" as in " we want this child to be as strong as an army".
Jason's friend from Taiwan told us also that often kids are called their middle name twice as a nickname "Jun-Jun" in his case.

We will see what he is currently being called and stick with that for a while. He's had too much change in his little life already to worry about one more thing.