Thursday, April 8, 2010

Breakfast in Beijing

So, we are much better rested now and able to formulate full sentences. We are at the Poly Plaza hotel in central Beijing. The beds are hard and the room is hot but the breakfast was awesome! It was a full array of all sorts of Chinese deliciousness! It was a bit odd drinking coffee with fried rice and and steamed buns vs. cereal, but so good! The fruit salad was almost too pretty to eat with this melon/kiwi hybrid and lychee. I also tried some tofo veggie concoction that was fantastic and an assortment of steamed pork buns. We're meeting in about an hour for a tour of the Hutong, ancient Chinese village. We'll take a rickshaw through the narrow streets, stop at a market and visit a family. Tonight is an acrobatic show and perhaps Peking Duck! So far, a great trip!!! 3 days will we meet XJ!