Wednesday, March 31, 2010

One week from today....

This picture is from the last update we got at the end of December. I love this picture. Xiao Jun is in the front middle with the black jacket on. Some of the kids are now home with their families, others still waiting. Right now we are exacly one week away from leaving for China! This time next week we will be on our way! We'll spend 2 days in Beijing, then go meet XJ in Hefei where we will be for I think 4 days then it is back to GZ to complete the paperwork on the American side of things. We are spending a night in San Francisco before we fly out. This should help make the flight seem somewhat shorter...I hope! We have 2 other families in our travel group and they are both adopting "older" children. They also both have children already that are joining them on the trip to China. It will be good to be with families that have kids since we don't know what we are doing! We are very excited to meet everyone and get this show on the road! I'm tired of waiting and I don't have much to do right now since I am not working. I hung shelves in XJ's room yesterday and cleaned it so that is done. We have one suitcase packed with things we won't need until after we have XJ with us. Saturday we are packing the other suitcase and our carry-ons, Sunday we are doing a major house cleaning, Monday the doggies are going on their "vacation". I'm really going to miss my dogs...I've been taking them each on special outings before we go. Annie got a big run on Town Lake yesterday and an extra walk. Basil went swimming and playing fetch off-leash on Monday, Butternut joined me for coffee and a breakfast taco and an off-lease excursion where I took some great pictures of her in the Bluebonnets that are all in bloom here in TX. They have no idea what is about to happen, as much as I try to explain it to them ;)

Monday, March 22, 2010

Packing, cleaning, shopping, packing, organizing....

It's been busy over here now that we officially have all our travel arranged. We leave April 6th, spend the night in San Francisco, then travel direct to Beijing where we have 2 days to tour and try to get over jet-lag before heading to Heifi to meet XJ. We'll be in his province for several days before we head to Guangzhou for the last leg of the trip and where we finalize the adoption on the American side of things. Very exciting! I've been doing a lot of packing, there are just so many things to bring. We have all sorts of medications, electronics, cameras, documents, clothes, toys, snacks, vitamins....the list goes on.
We are hoping to get an updated set of pictures/measurements before we go, but not sure if we will. Our last measurements are from Christmas so he probably didn't grow that much yet.

Monday, March 15, 2010

The Wait is Over!

We got our TA today! Tomorrow we will find out what dates we travel, are in Beijing, and when we will meet XJ!
More details to come!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

While I wait.

Butternut, in profile...

Since I have some time off now, I have been quite busy. I think the nervous energy has channelled my inner Martha Stewart. I've been sewing, cooking, organizing, gardening and decoupaging...yes, decoupaging! I have several recipes that I have started making to freeze for when we come home. The link is above in case anyone wants to try a recipe. Personally, I'm excited about the Moroccan Lamb Stew. Jason also made his famous Mexican Chicken Tortilla Soup (Ina Gartner's recipe). My winter clothes are all put up, summer out. Just in time's a beautiful 75 and sunny here in ATX.

I am going to try to enjoy SXSW this week and see some shows. Speaking of SX...I was at Whole Foods this morning and Adrian Brody was behind me in line! He's a good looking guy, although I wouldn't have said so until seeing him in person.

Here are some pictures of the most recent projects! The top is my favorite,...a charming little bird planter I found for $20- at a thrift store. The fabric I made the pillows with is another Etsy purchase...scooters! Then, last but not least a tray that I painted and applied some fancy wrapping paper to the bottom with Mod Podge. EZ DIY!

We really anticipate hearing on our Travel Approval early this week...don't know what I will do if we don't. I might just go to China and wait it out...seriously.

Last Care Package...hopefully!

Last week we ordered another care package to go to XJ. We had hoped we would be with him now...not sending a care package in our stead. But, we hope he enjoys it and that someone will read him the letter explaining that we will be there in a few weeks! From what I have heard, Ultraman, the toy in the top left, is THE superhero in China.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Update with out much info....

We got an update from our agency today that indeed we have our A5 as of March 1st. We are still just waiting for TA, which we should have within 2 weeks. However, I can't believe our bad luck with timing of the last few stages of this process. First, the new rules about the NVC letter (visa documentation) set us back at least a week. Chinese New Year (2 weeks), and now there are several Chinese holidays that seem to be popping up that will prevent certain days of travel and/or appointments within China (Tomb Sweeping day shuts things down for 2 days...SERIOUSLY?) THEN the World Trade Expo is in Guangzhou April 21-27 and we are not allowed to travel there during this. So, basically if we don't get our TA RIGHT AWAY, then we could be talking May...this makes me sick to my stomach. We should have been in China now...not May. There is literally nothing we can do about any of this stuff as it is all just bureaucratic b*******. If we leave on or before April 1st it will be a small miracle. Jason and I were married on April 12th, which could possible be the day XJ's adoption would be finalized...which is the only positive thing I have to say at this point.

I pretty much have a one-track-mind right now so if I am not returning your calls or emails, I apologize. I truly have nothing interesting to talk about since I now speak only in acronyms (PA, TA, CA, NVC, A5, I800...the list goes on.)