Friday, March 5, 2010

Update with out much info....

We got an update from our agency today that indeed we have our A5 as of March 1st. We are still just waiting for TA, which we should have within 2 weeks. However, I can't believe our bad luck with timing of the last few stages of this process. First, the new rules about the NVC letter (visa documentation) set us back at least a week. Chinese New Year (2 weeks), and now there are several Chinese holidays that seem to be popping up that will prevent certain days of travel and/or appointments within China (Tomb Sweeping day shuts things down for 2 days...SERIOUSLY?) THEN the World Trade Expo is in Guangzhou April 21-27 and we are not allowed to travel there during this. So, basically if we don't get our TA RIGHT AWAY, then we could be talking May...this makes me sick to my stomach. We should have been in China now...not May. There is literally nothing we can do about any of this stuff as it is all just bureaucratic b*******. If we leave on or before April 1st it will be a small miracle. Jason and I were married on April 12th, which could possible be the day XJ's adoption would be finalized...which is the only positive thing I have to say at this point.

I pretty much have a one-track-mind right now so if I am not returning your calls or emails, I apologize. I truly have nothing interesting to talk about since I now speak only in acronyms (PA, TA, CA, NVC, A5, I800...the list goes on.)