Monday, December 28, 2009

Here he is

Here he is! I will post more pictures again soon. Also will post some pictures we took over Christmas of us signing the LSC and with presents for XJ under the tree!


Much to our surprise and delight we got a call from our agency on the 22nd letting us know that our LOA/LSC was in! Anderson Xiao Jun Friday is officially ours! It was a great Christmas present and we were glad to be in Chicago with so many friends and family to share the good news. On top of that, we had sent a care package to him and we got a whole group of new pictures and his updated measurements. Now I can shop and know the clothes will actually fit him! We are hoping for travel in late February or early March....can't believe how soon that is, but I'm sure every day will seem like a week until then.
We left Chicago early yesterday morning and got in to Austin late last night. Woke up this morning to a beautiful sunny and warm's good to be back.
We met with our agency this afternoon to turn in all the signed documents and to have them go over it and make sure we didn't miss anything. Then, we went to FedEx and overnighted everything.
I'm pretty much in overdrive mode now trying to get everything done before we travel. I have the rest of this week off, so I've got each day planned out. We rented a storage lock a few blocks away and put the contents of the guest bedroom in it. I went and bought paint (no VOC) and taped up the room. Tomorrow, painting. Wednesday, IKEA. Pictures to come.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Almost Christmas

It's been a while since I posted last, mainly because I have not had much to post. We are still waiting for our LOA, which is going on 50 days now...which is normal. I just want it yesterday ;) We finally got a chance to speak with our agency and get an "update". Which really wasn't an update at all, just an excuse to talk to them and make sure we are doing everything we can to make things happen as quick as possible. So, we are filling out and sending in more paperwork that usually is done after LOA, but they said we could do now. It will probably only save a few days at most but it's worth it to me.
We're heading back to Chicago for Christmas and it will be great to see friends and family, although I could pretty much fast forward the next few months and be ok with it. Not a great attitude, I admit, but I really just want to go get XJ. We're hoping for the LOA to come before January 1, but most likely just after the new year. Our friends have generously given us use of some upgrades on American Airlines to China...if we can leave by the end of Feb. I might just travel early to take advantage of that!! Well, merry Christmas to all!