Sunday, March 14, 2010

While I wait.

Butternut, in profile...

Since I have some time off now, I have been quite busy. I think the nervous energy has channelled my inner Martha Stewart. I've been sewing, cooking, organizing, gardening and decoupaging...yes, decoupaging! I have several recipes that I have started making to freeze for when we come home. The link is above in case anyone wants to try a recipe. Personally, I'm excited about the Moroccan Lamb Stew. Jason also made his famous Mexican Chicken Tortilla Soup (Ina Gartner's recipe). My winter clothes are all put up, summer out. Just in time's a beautiful 75 and sunny here in ATX.

I am going to try to enjoy SXSW this week and see some shows. Speaking of SX...I was at Whole Foods this morning and Adrian Brody was behind me in line! He's a good looking guy, although I wouldn't have said so until seeing him in person.

Here are some pictures of the most recent projects! The top is my favorite,...a charming little bird planter I found for $20- at a thrift store. The fabric I made the pillows with is another Etsy purchase...scooters! Then, last but not least a tray that I painted and applied some fancy wrapping paper to the bottom with Mod Podge. EZ DIY!

We really anticipate hearing on our Travel Approval early this week...don't know what I will do if we don't. I might just go to China and wait it out...seriously.