Sunday, April 18, 2010

Pictures from the Island

I wanted to post a bunch of pictures today since the island is really quite pretty, but the internet connection in the hotel is really slow. Frustrating, since I am paying out the wazoo for it, you'd think they could make it a little faster.

Not much new here today. We went to a pearl market and some store that sold only expensive fragile breakable things. This is where we went with a bus load full of kids. It was not at all interesting or fun for a 4 year old, but he did great. We bought him a Karate Kid style drum and he liked that at least.

Tomorrow is the Safari Park and I hear it is really cool so that should be more kid friendly.

XJ is doing really well. He has quite a big personality for a little kid. He's really silly and funny and stubborn....really stubborn. He had a standoff today with Jason about changing his clothes. Jason won in the end.

XiaoJun is becoming less camera shy and he's starting smile on cue. As you can see from the two pictures I posted, he's got quite a smile :)