Wednesday, April 14, 2010

French Fries and Rock and Roll

Yesterday was a pretty mellow day, the weather here is terrible, about 45 and rainy, so we tried to stay indoors. Our guide, Erin, took us to a beautiful temple, but it was so cold that it was hard to enjoy. I fully expected XJ to have a typical bored-4-year-old meltdown our of boredom, but he held it together. Was clearly bored to death, but just sat in his stroller and didn't complain. He's starting to assert himself with us a bit more and challenge us. He got really mad at Jason yesterday after he took away his iPod when XJ was done playing with it. He gets really pissy when he doesn't get his way, which, I think, is pretty typical for a 4 year old. He is also starting to openly show us affection, we woke up today with tons of unsolicited hugs and kisses, which is the best.

I ventured out on my own while he was napping and managed to find nothing on the list of things we needed, but got a great skirt and necklace for $15-! Jason went back out to do the dirty work and got a lifetime supply of AA batteries for the camera that XJ has been taking thousands of pictures with. He also came back with Legos and he loves them!

We're going to the zoo today, which despite my feelings about crappy zoos, will be good for XJ and to get out of the hotel. We're going a bit stir-crazy so looking forward to getting to GZ in a couple of days.