Saturday, November 28, 2009


Well. Jason and I headed to Sarasota for Thanksgiving this year. It was great to visit with Jason's mom and enjoy some time on the beach! Took a few nice runs along Siesta Key, ate some great seafood and relaxed! We realized it will be the last Thanksgiving without XiaoJun! We had a great Thanksgiving update on our little guy too! A woman I have become acquainted with though the Lu'an SWI Yahoo!Group sent for an update on her son. She will be traveling to meet him very soon. She asked the SWI who her son's best friend is and it was Xiao Jun! It was wonderful just knowing that he has a good friend where he is but even better because this family lives outside of Chicago. We had already talked about our kids meeting again once they are both home and now it seems even more important. We go to Chicago several times a year and this should be really fun all around! Oh, and the best part is that we saw some new pictures of him. He's still as cute as a button and looks healthy :)
We had our homestudy update done a week or so ago and it was submitted to our agency for approval. We have not heard back from them on if there is anything else we need to do but hope that that was it. It was just a REALLY quick visit and some changes to the description of the child we initially expected (we expected a girl between 0-48 months and ARE expecting a boy that is 4!) funny how that works out.
Now, we basically just wait some more. Once we get the LSC there is some more paperwork, of course.
Next weekend I am moving everything into a storage locker in the guest bedroom to set it up offically as XiaoJun's. Will post pictures of some of the cute things I've bought and received soon...there is quite a bit!
I ordered a super-cute little backpack from Chasing Fireflies. This is the best website for unique kids stuff I have seen recently . Make sure you put the dash in the website, otherwise it is something else entirely!
On one of my Yahoo!Groups someone who recently went to China to bring home their 6 year old boy posted a whole list of things that were helpful to them in China. Things that helped them bond with him and make him smile. It was a great list and I am going to work my way through it and make sure I have it all ready to go!