Saturday, November 14, 2009

A Few Pictures!

I decided to add a few pictures to my blog today. I'm still nervous to add pics of Anderson...does anyone know the rule on that? Can we post pictures of our kids before the LSC/LOA? I'd sure like to share his picture, he's sure a cutie! These pictures were from last week at the UT game and of our dogs celebrating Anderson's birthday in absentia. We got cupcakes and some gifts for him and had a mini-party. This weekend I decided to get a storage unit to move the stuff from the guest bedroom that will be Anderson's. We have a little guest house/cottage behind our house that we currently have a tenant in. He is moving out in April, but I just think I need more time to get Anderson's room done and have space to put stuff I buy him. For those of you not in TX...we don't have basements!! It's as bad as it sounds. There is nowhere for us to put stuff! On top of that, we live in an older home built in the 40's so at some point our carport was converted into living space, so we have no garage either! We simply can't keep anything that isn't necessary. Once the guest house is back in our hands, it will all be good.

I got another cute outfit today for Anderson, and some books. I also got some Chinese flash cards for kids. Figured they would be good for us and also might help us use with Anderson Xiao Jun. That's about it for now. I'm looking forward to my Chinese Adoption Book Club tomorrow. It's only the second time I've met with them, and last time I didn't have Xiao Jun to talk about yet! So, excited to share the news!