Thursday, February 11, 2010

First Picture and Description

This is the first picture we ever saw of XiaoJun. He is about 2 or so here. I think this picture will be very important someday, as it is really the only "baby picture" we will have of him. The rest of the photos are more recent. This is the description we saw that made us initiate the process to adopt him. Realistically, this is still all we know about him. I have many more pictures but I have created an entire little boy out this brief paragraph in my head. I simply can't wait to meet him and find out how my imagination compares to his true personality. Also, the term "he was very cute" was used MANY times in his file...I agree!

"This precious little boy is able to walk quite steadily and run for a short distance. He will fetch stools for others and take kids younger than him to play, help them up when they stumbled. Sometimes, he will also help caretakers handing out biscuits and fruits. He also puts away toys he has played with. He enjoys watching cartoons, such as “Tom and Jerry” and “Ottoman”, and imitates some lines sometimes. Update: His hand doesn't have negative impact on his self-care ability, and sometimes he helps the caregiver feed other younger children. He can sing some songs such as the number song, recite poems in Tang period and some other children’s songs. He is introverted, and when he feels unhappy, he stays alone and doesn’t want to say a word. The nannies always comfort him by giving him hug, toys, snacks or talking with him. He likes to play with other children and others want to invite him to play."