Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Article 5, Article 5..wherefore art thou Article 5?

Well, we wait. It seems as if there is some hold-up with our Article 5. We were under the impression that there was a 14 day turn around on issuing these. However, at the EXACT moment we were submitting this stuff the government added yet another form to the mix. This is called a NVC letter. I don't even have a clue what all this stuff means or is, I just know the order I am supposed to get the approvals. NVC letter then A5, then TA (Travel Approval). The agencies seem to be confused too and I don't know that anyone has received their A5 since the NVC letter was required. What this all boils down to is that instead of leaving in a couple of weeks, it will be closer to the middle of March. This has actually been a major disappointment as we are so close, yet so far away from XJ. We're pretty bummed, but know that in the grand scheme of things we are lucky to only get delayed a short while. Will send him another care package to let him know we are thinking about him...nonstop, pretty much.

We have had our guest house painted and it just awaits if you are reading this...come visit! I will post pictures this weekend after I have a chance to get in there and spruce it up. We have all the furniture we need, just need some decor. I might attempt to cut a hole in our fence that separates our house from the guest house and add a gate this weekend. Jason does not know this yet. Ssshhh. It would just make it easier instead of having to go out the front door and around back each time. Also, need to plant my's spring here in ATX!

Keeping busy this weekend...Friday and Monday off of work! Volunteering at the Marathon on Sunday for Blue Dog Rescue. Ran the race and raised money for them last year, but no running 26.2 for me this year. Too much stress and something had to give. Maybe next year?! Dinner with friends and a special Valentine's Day with Jason...looking forward to it! Last one without a kid!