Thursday, September 2, 2010

So, I have obviously not posted in a REALLY long time. But, I decided not to completely abandon the blog and post again. There is a lot to catch up on as summer winds down and we hope for cooler weather here in Austin I have to report that Anderson (as he is now calling himself) is thriving. He started pre-K in July and loves it. When he started he was still in a cast from his clubfoot treatment, then in a brace and is now free and clear to run and play like all the other kids! His treatment went exceptionally well, and he now only sleeps in the brace. He still needs to build some strength in his right leg, but it has not slowed him down a bit! He runs, in fact he likes to run with Jason and I on weekends. He of everything! We are going skiing in February and are fairly certain his leg will be super-strong by then and he can start taking lessons. Swimming lessons start next week!
The transition overall has gone shockingly well. He sleeps through the night, rarely wakes up and goes down easily after a few books. He is extremely interested in letters/numbers/words right now and is beginning to identify letters and numbers. He already can with his name. His English is I am typing this he just told me "I'm proud of you Mama, you fast type."...if that gives you an idea of where he is at linguistically. I would venture to say he is almost fluent.
I could report on all our daily adventures, but realistically they are very typical. He is a completely normal little Chinese-American boy! He loves candy, trucks, trains, cartoons, dogs, playing, sports, swimming etc...
I don't think anyone would guess from meeting him that just 4 months ago, his life was completely different (not to mention ours!) We love our little man and are excited for the next chapter!