Sunday, January 3, 2010

Christmas and Pictures

Over Christmas my sister, Jala, Jason and I went to Chinatown to go to our favorite Asian restaurant, Joy Yee. We'd only been to the location in University Village when we lived in the West Loop so we decided it was time to venture to Chinatown. Although I lived in Chicago for 32 years I can count the number of times I've been to Chinatown on one hand. Once is when I ran through it durning the marathon (mile 19...brutal)! The last 2 years we lived in Chicago I couldn't have lived 3 miles away. I'm so glad we went down there last week despite the nasty weather. There are some really cool spots there that Jason and I look forward to bringing XJ to when we visit Chicago. It's pretty authentic. We went into some shops that had things like shark wing, swallow's nests and various other dried animal bits (deer tail?!)
There is also a picture here of Jason and I posing with our LSC! We also took a few pictures of us sitting in front of the tree with presents for him. Even though we weren't together this Christmas, we want him to know that we were thinking of him every minute. I wrapped a bunch of toys for him to open when he is with us soon.